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Christchurch Boats, Sailing and Charters, New Zealand

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Location: Christchurch Central

Punting on the Avon is one of the iconic tourist attractions in Christchurch. Glide along the peaceful Avon River in Christchurch, summer or winter, wrapped in luxury as a skilled boatperson propels you through a romantic wonderland. "Welcome aboard," says your punter. We supply blankets, umbrellas and even hot water bottles, so you feel snug if it gets chilly...(more)


Location: Christchurch - Akaroa and Banks Peninsula

This exciting Akaroa boat cruise will take you outside the harbour and beside steep cliffs, archways and sea caves. The area around Akaroa is amazing - come explore it with a knowledgeable, local skipper onboard our comfortable, classic Kauri launch. Enjoy and photograph stunning scenery and abundant bird and wild life including the rare Hectors dolphins, fur seals and penguins...(more)

VELOCITY KARTS - Christchurch

Location: New Brighton

Velocity Karts offer two choices of outrageous fun on 3 wheels: - Battery powered Driftkarts, Wind powered blokart (land yachts), for two purpose built tracks in Christchurch where you can hire a kart and have some fun with family and friends. A GREAT EXPERIENCE FOR PEOPLE AGED 8 TO 80+..(more)


Location: Christchurch - Akaroa and Banks Peninsula

Sail with dolphins on New Zealand's oldest ketch, the Fox II. See seals, penguins, albatross, and other sea birds on this sailing experience; as crew, or simply relax. Quiet, eco-friendly green boat, two masts, six red sails. Food, refreshments, complimentary coffee/tea. 2.5 hours, departing twice daily from Dalys Wharf, Akaroa late Dec-May. Perfect for company functions, weddings or private charters...(more)

AKAROA SAILING CRUISES - Akaroa, Banks Peninsula

Location: Christchurch - Akaroa and Banks Peninsula

Our environmentally sustainable and exciting harbour cruise around Akaroa Harbour is one of a kind! Enjoy an encounter with wildlife, on their terms without disrupting their environment, before having some basic, personal sail training. Our 47-foot classic ocean sailing yacht, Manutara, is one of the last A-Class keelers built. Guests will love this 2.5-hour sail experience cruise around Akaroa Harbour...(more)


Location: Christchurch - Akaroa and Banks Peninsula

Home to the rare, playful Hector's Dolphin is the beautiful harbour of Akaroa, near Christchurch. Come on our two-hour nature cruise where we guarantee you will see dolphins or join us another day for FREE, you will also see fur seals, penguins and marine birdlife. Swimming with dolphins is available in Akaroa Harbour. Winner of the Supreme Tourism Award 2003/4...(more)

BLACK CAT CRUISES - Christchurch

Location: Christchurch - Lyttelton

Black Cat Cruises in Lyttelton Harbour provide ferry services to Quail Island and Diamond Harbour. Private charters also available. Discover and learn about the history of Quail Island, or pack a picnic and visit Diamond Harbour - great for swimming. Winner of the Supreme Tourism Award 2003/4...(more)